SALESPERSONS Needed for mobile websites targeting restaurants!

SALESPERSONS Needed for mobile websites targeting restaurants!


Job Description

This is a great product, easy to sell, and with cool upsales as well.

The basic product is simple and catchy: a mobile website for restaurant. Easy to make a demo on your mobile and convince the restaurant they need one too.
The whole world is going mobile, Facebook completely changed its advertising strategy to go mobile, and now more users connect to the internet from their mobile than any other device.
It is fairly priced to help you close the sale easily.
Your task is to sell and collect the content from the restaurant (contact details, text and photos).
Make happy customers make happy customers and sell them more stuff that they need at a later stage!

Upsales include an app, Facebook page, social media integration, etc.

20% commission paid to you (minimum $100). You can EASILY sell a few of these per week. Turn your lunches/dinners into profits by showing the restaurant owner a cool website on your phone, and make him want one like that!

Please contact me for complete details, demo link, and any question.

This can be sold in any country.

Skills: facebook