SEO Auditor / Manager


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced e-commerce professional to manage our online growth efforts. Please send a short answer with specific information of your accomplishments with the last 3 clients,

Duties include and are not limited to:

- Audit current SEO efforts / provide feedback
- Analyze WEEKLY/ monthly website traffic performance and make adjustments for improvement
- Select and manage overseas freelancer's actions and results
- Create weekly ROI reports for all projects

Job Requirements:

- Minimum 2-3 year e-commerce/ online marketing experience and references
- Experience with Yahoo Stores or other HTML e-commerce platforms

Please be ready for a quick phone interview.
(You must be able to call US numbers via Skype or any other tool) If you can't call us, don't bother answering this email. Also please NO COPY & PASTE replies

Position will be filled next week. Please add the word ' water ' at the start of your response to eliminate spammers.