SEO Backlink Building


Job Description

I need 150 profiles created per day, 5 days a week, for websites using Angela and Pauls Packets ( from sites with page ranks 4 to 9. You MUST already have access to the backlink packets and can gear the backlinks you create to sites related to the topic of the website you are given. Sites cannot be from Porn, Hate, Nazi, vulgar, or offensive websites.

Do not apply if you don't have access to the packets.

You need to create an email address (Yahoo or Gmail) and create all the profiles. I will provide you the url and anchor text to put in each profile. You must put 2 links in each profile

A report must be returned in Excel format, listing the URL of the backlink, username and password of the profile and page PR.

All the backlinks must be created within a week of each assignment being accepted. All backlinks must be created by hand, with NO automated software, and no adult or hate websites.

If your work is good, then we can talk about working with us on a full time basis. Do not apply if you cannot create at least 12-15 links per hour.

Skills: Link, Building, SEO

Skills: yahoo, gmail