SEO Copywriting


Job Description

We are seeking an experienced SEO copywriter to assist us with the creation of 20 optimized blog articles on the topic of credit repair. We will provide keywords, topics, outlines, and resources for the content; you will then ghost write the articles.

The articles need to be between 450 and 800 words. Keyword density should be around 3-5%.

Keyword optimization, grammar, and spelling don't need to be perfect, as we will copyedit the articles. However, the logic, organization, and usefulness of the content must be strong.

The apparent intent of the articles is to help consumers understand and fix their credit issues on their own; the real goal, however, is to sell a credit repair service. So, the writer's aim is to provide valuable content on do-it-yourself credit repair while dropping compelling hints that it would just be much easier and more effective to hire the credit repair company to do the hard work for the consumer.

The style should be serious yet encouraging, as the topic is geared toward consumers experiencing a major obstacle to peace, stability, and happiness in their lives, and the company behind the articles is providing a life-changing solution to their problem.

We will start with five articles to see how they go, before we proceed with the rest of the project. We would like to have the first five articles completed within a week of starting the project. The articles will also be checked to ensure originality prior to payment. We will pay only for original articles.

Should the quality of the articles be consistently high, this project can become an ongoing one.

Skills: grammar