Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Keyword Researcher.
The successful applicant will:
1) Have proven experience in using Google online Keyword Tools
2) Use only 100% legal Google friendly methods
3) Be responsible for Building a Data Table (based on Excel Template that will be supplied). The Table will have a list of Categories (or Products). You will also get a link to the Product’s webpages. You will create for each:
a) Page Title
b) Meta Keywords
c) Meta Description
The above will be based on Keyword Research that you will have to conduct.

To be considered, you WILL HAVE TO REPLY IN THE FOLLOWING WAY. You will have to use Numbers (1-5) for each of the items listed below, respectively:
1) Your experience in the above
2) Numbers of hours you are available for the task per week
3) How are you going to report the progress of your work
4) UTC hours that you are available daily for collaboration
5) Type the words: “Keyword Researcher Job” in Number 5
Note: If you don’t follow the instructions (5 point application) it means that you can’t even read the job posting. For that reason your application will be DECLINED.
Before getting the job, you will have to perform a Test. We will supply you with 10 products (and link to each products page) for which you will have to perform a keyword research and create:
a) Page Title
b) Meta Keywords
c) Meta Description
We will pay $3 (plus oDesk fees) for the test if completed successfully. Extra $2 will be paid to Top Performers.
This test will lead to 30-40 hours per week long term contract for both on-page and off-page SEO.

Skills: keyword-research, research, test, on-page, off-page