Job Description

I am looking for a low cost SEO specialist with google analytics knowledge.
This project is about this website
We already rank in the first page but dropping down now.

this are the keywords:

online shop 16.600.000
webshop 1.500.000
online shopping 13.600.000

free online web store 2400
free online web shop 1600
free webshop 12.100
free web shop 33.100
free webstore 12.100
free web store 22.200
free online store 1.600
free online shop 201.000 importend

make a free online store importend keyword 2400
make a free online shop Verry importend keyword 1900 (compatition is normal)
build your own online store Importend keyword 1.600
build your own online shop importend keyword 880
free ecommerce store 1300
free ecommerce shop 880
free webshop builder verry importend keyword 78
free webstore builder 260
how to start my own business 27.100
how to start my own company 6.600
free online ecommerce store verry importend keyword 210 search
make your own shop

waiting your reply