SEO for eCommerce Website

SEO for eCommerce Website


Job Description

I have a website selling multiple products. I found out that my previous seo didn't do anything actually and charged me money for it.

I have 25-30 keywords in total (there are 5 main keywords, the other ones are just variations of them, like buy "keyword" or buy "keyword" online, etc).
One of them has high competition, another one has medium competition while all the others have low competition.

All the keywords are already ranking well, 50% of them are in the top 10 on google, 25% in the top 20, 20% in the top 30 and the rest 5% are in the top 40 position.

I am looking for someone to get all the keywords to the top 5 on google.
Job should be really easy if you know what you're doing. If you can get them to the first position, there will be a bonus for you for each one that gets to the first position.

I have 7 websites, if you do good with this one, i'll also hire you for the other ones.

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