SQL Programmer SQL Database administrator


Job Description

I am looking for an SQL Programmer / SQL Database administrator.

We are using SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2005

I have two large databases, I need to migrate data from one DB to another, this data is going to need to be transformed, modified, and updated before it can be put in the destination database.

The destination database is currently in construction and we will need assistance with that too

I am looking for someone that has long time experience looking at tables, data, making sense of less than great schemas, looking at tables columns and figuring out by looking at the data where Foreign keys should be, changing tables that currently use Identity Columns to use UniqueIdentifier, reading stored procedures. In essence we want someone that feels very comfortable with being dropped into a project with some 70 tables and be able to make sense and become an expert on what the database has fairly quickly.

After the data is migrated, about 13GB of data, we need this person to conduct performance optimization by running monitoring tools, creating indexes in the right places and rewriting queries for best performance

I am looking for someone that can dedicate considerable time to this project as I will need someone to dedicate themselves to this work for a few weeks.

Respectfully I ask that only experienced people who can hit the ground running apply; this element is key and something that we will quickly determine with the person we hire.

Please submit with you application a few words explaining your experience and why you are a fit for this position, and any ideas on how we can verify your level of knowledge.

Please note: To give a chance to the people who are seriously interested generic applications or robot applications wont be consider

Skills: data-conversion