Sales Copywriter and SEO Website Copy Author

Sales Copywriter and SEO Website Copy Author


Job Description

Seeking experienced english author versed in writing sales copy and text for the front end of corporate websites. Must be able to research topics and produce quality content without much detail provided, as well as eloquently work details and specifications into clear and professionally flowing text for corporate marketing materials - such as product and service descriptions and corporate overviews.

Must also be familiar with the process to SEO optimize content for keyword density and produce SEO optimized web page content or articles optimized for specific keywords provided. You MUST be familiar with SEOPressor or an equivalent keyword density / text formatting optimizer.

Example job -

You are provided with the keyword "business financing" and some additional supporting/supplemental keywords that relate to this phrase, in addition to some specific product information relating to an individual business.

You research "business financing" and produce 400 words of website content to be used on a "Business Financing" page on a website, that is optimized at approximately a 3% keyword density for the main "business financing" keyword, a 1 - 1.5% density for the 2 or 3 other supporting keywords, run the content through SEOPressor or an equivalent, and provide the SEO formatted content back to me.

You are able to complete this within a maximum of 48 hours turnaround time (preferably 24 unless we are providing an amount of work that exceeds your capacity to remain within this time frame).

Please provide writing examples or a portfolio. We will run a test project together, which, based on your performance, we will then negotiate a standard hourly or per word / per project rate for all future and ongoing work.

Looking to develop an exclusive and long-term relationship with you as the copywriter for my company and all projects we do.

Skills: english, research, marketing

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