Sales Job with Lifelong Commission - unlimited income potential

Sales Job with Lifelong Commission - unlimited income potential


Job Description

Pl NOTE: The budget here is of course IRRELEVANT because the only limit to your income in this type of job is your own success rate. (We posted with a $50,000 budget, then with a $500 budget, but people seem still not to grasp that the budget here is IRRELEVANT, it's an Odesk system requirement...)
--> So, it indicates stupidity if you send a reply with a "bid amount" that's based on the meaningless budget here, d'oh!
Understandable now?

Now: Let's try another job type the Odesk engineers haven't yet implemented - probably because they too believe that there are no suitable contractors on Odesk for this type of job.

* To succeed, you must have SALES TALENT and/or SALES EXPERIENCE, as well as a good command of the ENGLISH language.
* This job pays 25% commission for the entire life of the contract to successful candidates!
* If selected, you may try to arrange RENTAL or SALES contracts for ONLINE PROPERTIES (web addresses) we provide.

This means:

* You will research the businesses most likely to benefit from RENTING or BUYING a particular web property (renting may be the entire domain or advertising space).

* You will contact them with the goal to RENT OUT the online property. In this case, if we agree on a contract, you will earn a generous 25% commission on the agreed amount for as long as the contract runs! This is to motivate you to identify the best business, one with a long-term interest in renting/leasing the property.

* Alternatively, you may decide to market the online property with the goal to SELL it. In this case, if we agree on a contract, you will earn the generous 25% commission on the agreed amount as a one-off sales commission.

* Commissions are due and will be paid in line with net receipts from the tenant/lessee/vendee. This is to motivate you to provide genuine business relationships. This type of arrangement prevents rogue contracts, it's called a Win-Win arrangement.

If you believe you have the sales talent (dedication, skill, and endurance) or the sales experience (business relationships and skill) to succeed in this type of job, please send just ONE PARAGRAPH explaining WHY you believe so.

Once again, we do NOT need any long-winded self-marketing of yours. Rather than *telling* us how good you are, simply SHOW it.

And for a third time: Please ONLY send the requested ONE PARAGRAPH that explains WHY you believe you can succeed in this type of job.

Please also NOTE: The addresses of the online properties (domain names) will be revealed TO SELECTED CANDIDATES ONLY, and on an individual basis. Any such enquiries before this point will be binned; we believe in the view that "A great salesperson can sell anything".

But what we can say here is that we own a large number of Grade 1 online properties, ie with an address that is DIRECTLY BENEFICIAL to certain businesses (between 50 and >1000 per web domain), and these businesses are deemed to have "deep pockets". Also, AFTER accepting you, we are happy to hear your preferences, and then provide you with the online property/ies that you prefer for personal reasons.

If we get any meaningful replies to this job type, your SINGLE PARAGRAPH will allow us to make a decision. Decisions can be expected within one week.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes for 2013!

Skills: research, english

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