Sales Manager/Project Manager/Business Analyst is needed.


Job Description

We are looking for a sales person who will be a first contact with a client during job search process at oDesk, person who will communicate clearly, who has enough knowledge at technical areas we are working at to be able to ask client tech questions and pull initial information regarding a project to provide rough ETA and getting as full as possible understanding of the project.

We are web design/mobile development agency, our office based developers work at premium segment at oDesk with avg hourly rate $30. The most amount of current projects are driven from oDesk now by our current Sales Manager, we are growing and we need additional SM who will be looking for new contracts for us at oDesk.

Required duties:
- Search profitable jobs via oDesk and apply on them;
- Working at US time zone;
- Reports to manager;
- To have initial communications with a client, to get as much as possible information about project's needs and bring it to the development team, supports further communications with a client if needed;
- The main goal is to start profitable contract and as we believe 3 keys for success you should use:
--- fast response to a client;
--- clever technical conversation which brings full understanding of project's needs at all aspects;
--- sincere desire to help client by using our team's expertise, knowledge and skills.

Required skills:

- Highly self motivated;
- To have a conceptual knowledge of ASP.NET, MS-SQL, iOS, Android;
- To have knowledge of Project Management aspects, understand well software development stages;
- Perfect English and communication skills;
- SalesForce knowledge is a plus;

You salary will consists of monthly fixed payment and sales bonus (% of closed deals). Details are negotiable at interview for success candidates. This is job for inborn salesperson who really loves his work and what he does. Please, write a cover letter keeping in mind that you are selling yourself to us, also please attach your CV. And as a initial test which will be assessed, please, write a cover letter on that job:

Thanks and looking forward to work with you soon!

Skills: management, english