Sales, Seo,advertising

Sales, Seo,advertising


Job Description

Sometimes we have to much work to handle and have to outsource it.
You must have over 7 years of sales.
You must have basic knowledge of SEO.
We are a SEO firm in California.
- When get calls that we are too busy for we are looking to hire someone that is above and beyond the best, most confident and outgoing sales person.
Anyway, when we get to busy we will forward the phone call from our potential clients to you via e-mail or Skype. At that point you will handle any question or sign them up on our website.
They are reacting from a ad from Television or the Yellow Pages.
So the potential clients want more info or to sign up because they just saw a ad for.

Some clients may sign immediately, some may sign up 3 weeks later, some may sign up via e-mail only.

Sometimes if they are thinking about for a week with no contact you might want to send them a e-mail or call them to see if they want to sign up.

- you must have high speed internet
- Skype yahoo messenger
- Be able to work on our time which all USA time zones.
- Be highly organized

If to try to sell and they say no you get $3:00 USD
If they sign up your get $25.00 USD
you get a total of $28.00 USD

If you do not sale you still get the $3.00 USD

This goes for every client.
You get paid every 14 days paid in USD

I have a conversation file you can practice if you are interested in this position

Also, we will be sharing the same E-Mail and Skype account.
I need a real pro that is aggressive yet smooth.

You must have a strong background online and offline sales.
Send me at least 7 reference of sales jobs.

Skills: yahoo