Salesforce Development


Job Description

We are a healthcare system that offers a variety of services across multiple sites to our patients/customers. We have nursing homes, home health care, adult day care as well as other products/services. We are looking to implement a CRM that will allow us to track all of our patients and that will give us the ability to refer customers from one of our businesses to the next – assuming that the patient has such a need.
• We would like to be able to import the names and certain demographic information for each customer (from excel) into the CRM.
• Someone from each location will then be responsible for answering certain additional questions about the patient.
• Based on those answers – the system should then determine the next steps in the patients workflow.
• At each point that a question is answered – we may want to either leave the patient in their existing company and not refer or we may want at that point to refer the patient to another one of our services (New party).
• The referral should be made through the CRM with notification going to the New Party.
• The New Party should be able to accept or reject the referral and communicate any questions and status updates with the referring party.

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