Scientific articles


Job Description

Job Description:
Write two summaries of articles from current scientific magazines no older than six months.

Acceptable sources:, Google Scholar,,,,,

Layout of the document:
1-2 pages in length (per summary), 10-12 font, single spacing.

* identify and discuss the central issue and purpose of the article
* relate the article to the document at the bottom of this job
* edit for punctuation and grammar (spelling, etc.)
* provide your thoughts/opinion on the subject

Acceptable topics:

The following topics come from the first few pages of the PDF shared through Amazon at the bottom of this listing. You can chose any specific topic that come from these broad topics I'm addressing below. There is an index in the back of the document to help you find specific topics.

Science, chemistry and cells
The scientific study of life
The chemistry of life
The energy of life
How cells release energy
Biotechnology, genetics and inheritance
DNA structure and gene function
DNA replication, mitosis and the cell cycle
Sexual reproduction and meiosis

Link to access the biology document:

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