Script for ebay data extraction research needed

Script for ebay data extraction research needed


Job Description

Please notice that price suggestion is only a quote and make your offer.


We need the following:

Script or similar thing which is able to collect prices from closed auctions of Ebay Germany and saves them in database for further use.

It should work the following way:

1st) Search needs to be customized to guarantee best possible search results. It should include the possiblity to have a "global" search blocklist and also detailled search function for special article. Search in specific categories should be possible as well.

2nd) The results should be written in a database together with the relevant information when the data was gathered / auction ended, also article number should be included.

3rd) We want to have a VERY SIMPLE interface, where we can login and see the data taken (including links and prices of the read auctions) and the possibility to "filter" the database better by hand to avoid incorrect search listings as best as possible. There should be also a kind of "ignore this auction" button for the last step, which is mentioned now.

4th) Each article data should be calculated to an average price each week and it should be stored in database as well - including the prices of the weeks before.

IMPORTANT for us: ALL data should be taken completly legal with Ebay terms, possibly we can use Ebay API developer. Please include in your reply to this that you have understand this.

It is not a must that you develop a complete new script if you have a perfect working one. We have an own server to store the data and information with script.

Please include your experiences with Ebay API if you have one in your application as well.

Any questions left? - Just contact us or see the additional example


Example how script should work:

We are looking for not used and not retina ipads with 16GB and 3G

First we would like to specify the search term as exact as possible:
Search for ipad 16 gb 3g but not with retina and used

Second we get prices of completed auctions:
xxx Euro
xxx Euro
xxx Euro
x Euro (wrong result as it is only a cover)
xxxx Euro (wrong result as it is a pack of more than one)

Third we have to filter out the auctions with logging in and checking
We disable the x Euro and xxxx Euro results for further calculations

Forth we calculate the average price with xxx + xxx + xxx Euro and divide this with 3.

Hope that all is understandable. We are reachable through all common messengers and respect also time differences. Thanks for your time and interest in our jobs.

Skills: ebay, research, ipad