Search and Upload Image of Game Boxes

Search and Upload Image of Game Boxes


Job Description

We have a new project where we have a list with 720 game titles in a WordPress Blog. Each game have it's own post, the job is fairly simple:

- Enter in the game post
- Search the title of the post (which is the title of game) inside Google Images.
- Download the image of the game box (the image must be at least 300x300, you can easily set Google Images to only show images larger than that)
- Upload the image to it's game post
- Set the image as featured
- Save the post.

There are about 720 games/post. You should take at max 30 seconds to do the task for each post. So this is a task of 6 hours, more or less. I'm willing to pay $60 for the entire job, so $10/hour (or even more if you are able to do the task faster).

Skills: games