Search engine using Google API and Yahoo API

Search engine using Google API and Yahoo API


Job Description

I am needing to create a "meta" search engine that pulls results from Google and Yahoo API feeds. Software should be PHP- latest version. Websites returned in the search engine will need to be ranked by popularity based on the results returned from the 2 engines. Ads from googles AdSense program will also need to be shown in the search results. The search engine result page, and main search page should function, and show results the same way seen in search engine. Please study search. Also, please review the API details for Google & Yahoo as we must pay for the search results:

If you have any questions please ask!

This is our 3rd time hiring programmers for this project. In the past the last 2 programmers have let us down by not delivering quality work, or not meeting our deadlines. So this time we are not paying until we can see the work is done. If you do not accept these terms do not apply.

If you are hired I will need to see you are working a minimum of 30 hours a week tracked with odesk.

This project MUST be completed by February, 16 2013. if you can not meet this deadline please do not apply.

10% will be awarded if hired, the remaining funds will be paid out:
50% payment will be paid as soon as you can prove this works on your server.
40% payment will be paid once installed on our server.

Skills: yahoo