Seeking Investment Ideas for publicly traded companies


Job Description

I am seeking investment ideas for companies that are publicly traded. The way this will work is you submit the description and analysis of the company and if the current stock price reflects the long term value of the company. You do not need to disclose the name of the company or stock price in the initial idea, if we like your idea we will pay you and you can disclose the name of the company and stock, although we do ask in your initial description/analysis to write if it trades on a U.S. exchange or international exchange. Keep in mind we are not necessarily looking for undervalued stocks but rather great companies.

The company descriptions should be described in the context of the below 5 categories:

1) What is the purpose of the company?
Vision. Impact. Mission. Reason for our Existence. Highest Level of Engagement. We are not interested in companies who have a mission to simply earn a profit or "Maximize shareholder value".

2) Who is their Customer?

3) What does the customer value?

4) What are the results?
What are the end goals, objectives and action steps that are the measuring stick for the company achieving its mission?

5) What is the company plan to deliver those results?

Additional questions:

Can the company become the best in world in delivering customer value?

What are the economics of the company?

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