Seeking a Virtual Assistant for Various Real Estate Related Tasks Including Marketing

Seeking a Virtual Assistant for Various Real Estate Related Tasks Including Marketing


Job Description

We are a real estate investment company that buys distressed homes in various markets in the USA and resells the homes either in their as-is condition or renovates them and resells them to homeowners or investors. We also renovate properties and hold them in our portfolio as rentals. Those that have worked with real estate investors in the past should understand this concept.

I am looking for a virtual assistant that will work for me for ~8-12 hours a week.

Job duties include:
- Return phone calls to prospective buyers and/or sellers
- Post marketing onto craigslist
- Contact potential sellers on craigslist
- Edit documents in Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint as necessary
- Compile lists of buyers and/or sellers
- Handle social media postings on popular social media sites for company
- Edit videos for marketing to be put on youtube
- Post videos on youtube

Skills necessary:
- Fluent in English speaking & writing
- Ability to write emails in English
- Knowledge of web browsing and internet
- Ability to pick up various softwares with ease
- Understand social media and how to use it
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, & Powerpoint

- If you've worked with a Real Estate Investor in the past, it is a huge plus.

- Freedomsoft, Squeeze pages, Craigslist, Zillow, Redfin, MLS, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

We are looking for someone that will be able to fit into a good role to help our growing company expand. If you are not interested in marketing and/or helping us market, please do not apply. If you are committed and can display a good work ethic and solid understanding of the English language, please apply.

Bonuses will be provided for the work that you complete, i.e. if you have done marketing for us and we purchase a property as a result of your marketing efforts, we will provide bonuses in addition to the hourly rate we pay you.

The candidate will be hired on a weekly to monthly basis. If we are a good fit together and you are dedicated and can produce results, you will stay on for longer. This is a great opportunity for someone to earn a significant amount of income for dedicated effort.

Skills: craigslist, marketing, youtube, english, zillow, facebook, twitter, linkedin