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Im an upcoming independent artist from Norway "Smoky".
Been working with music for many years now and started my own record label "Futuristisc Records". I have released 4 albums and working on more!
My music has professional quality and the genre is: hip-hop/rap/club/pop.

My 4 albums is delivered to all of the digital music markets a cross the world!
1 album was released in 2010 "Just The Beginning", The second one was released in 2011 "The Second Chapter", the 3rd one in 2012 "A Supernova", and the 4rd now this year "Afterlife".

The music is at Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, Youtube and so on!

I need help to start selling my products fast in the digital market!

As an upcoming independent artist I dont have a high budget but will pay for the work, I rather find a partner to make a win - win deal- If the partner will get my products up in selling running! I shall start paying a higher budget to the partner as well!

Here is also a link to my channel on youtube:

See if you are the right person who can help me!

I pay only direct and through paypal only!

Skills: promotions, management

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