Send emails to Christian friends or charitable organizations

Send emails to Christian friends or charitable organizations

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

You can be a data entry specialist, a marketing person or anything else. Your background is not important. You should be a Christian or at least be close to Christian values and theology - otherwise this job will probably be difficult for you. Any language is welcome. Spanish, English, French or any other language.

Our values are: Charity, Forgiveness, Honesty, Friendliness, Openness, but also Humor and Laughter have there place as sorrow and tears have because we've all made mistakes and faced troubles in our lives. :)

We have built up a Christian social network that is free, without advertizing, save and charitable. We have based it on Christian values and thus would love to see Christians getting engaged on the website and helping each other. (For sure, every other religion is also very welcome, since most content is Christian content, however, we would like to focus on that culture first).

Invite people to the website. From your friends, from other networks etc., from whatever source you can imagine

You receive 1 Cent for every user that signs up and 30 Cent per active (!!) user. Thus, if you send an email to 500 people that might be interested, 200 sign up and 100 remain active, you receive $2 for the signup plus $30 for the active users.

We have to verify and will make sure that the people you invited are no bots - that is why you will only receive your payment delayed. We have quite elaborate ways to make sure the people invited are real people and have a genuine interest in UnitedGlobe and its culture. Verification ranges from IP testing to User content testing to personal emails and calls to members. Also, through inner website clickrates and the screenshots from oDesk we can confirm that no bots sign up.

1) Since most of our current users are Adventist, it would be very helpful if you are an Adventist as well, and have Adventist friends - or if one of your friends is Adventist, feel free to ask him to join us. However, it is not a prerequesite to be an Adventist.
2) We will have to see your oDesk screenshots to make sure that everything is correct. That is why we will make an hourly contract at $0.01 per hour. You will have to run the oDesk Meter.
3) The website is free and we are working non profit. Privacy protection, honesty and transparency are very important to us. Your job is to make Christians aware of this offer. Your job is NOT to "hunt down" customers. UnitedGlobe does not gain anything from its members.
4) You should strive to be honest, friendly and not pushy to gain members. As said, we are NOT looking for customers but for genuine people who love to do good.