Senior Android Developer


Job Description

Our company focus on mobile devices products and solutions; for end-users and enterprises. We are looking for another Android developer who can work independently making adjustments on existing applications and performing research and discovery as well.


Candidates must feel comfortable with hacking, testing and quick turnarounds. The position will require signing Non-disclosure Agreement. Being able to quickly express and understand ideas in English is a must.

Having other programming skills or understandings beyond Java will help in the daily hacking. You'll be directly assisted by our Team Leader and an already active development team which supports other code bases. Following skills are a must:

- Unit Test creation and headless execution;
- Use of code review tools to check code issues;
- Creating modular and plug-able code that can be reused;
- Support other developers while integrating mobile app to overall solution;
- Git and GitHub understanding;
- Adhering to de facto standards while creating apps;
- Experience publishing apps for Google Play;
- Ant build system understanding;

If you feel confident this position is for you then please apply now. We are not looking for any Agency but an individual which can help us and stay with us for long-term full-time position.

Skills: android-sdk, android-development

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