Senior JS/CSS/HTML5/Python Frontend Developer - Work for oDesk

Senior JS/CSS/HTML5/Python Frontend Developer - Work for oDesk


Job Description

We're looking for an intelligent and motivated frontend developer who can work at an expert level in Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3 (SASS). You'll be working for oDesk so there is tremendous potential for growth and learning new things.

Your main work will be to build new features on one part of the oDesk Platform. However, you will also be responsible for working on architectural problems mostly on the frontend - some examples are - which JS framework to use (AngularJS vs. Backbone.js vs. Ember.js etc.), how to build frontend HTML/CSS components that are reusable throughout the site, minimize frontend load times (DOM load and page rendering times), tracking various events in a scalable way etc.

You will be working with a distributed team of developers from around the world (US, Egypt, Ukraine and India are the main countries represented today) - you will be expected to have a couple hours of work during the PST timezone to interact with some others on the team but besides that, you can work any hours you prefer. We are also an Agile team and have daily standups, sprint planning meetings etc.

In addition to the frontend skills cited, it'd be good if you knew Python (and Django) but that is not a requirement. We want to hire an awesome frontend developer, and feel like someone who fits that bill will be able to learn other aspects of our stack.

As part of your cover letter, please mention your favorite underscore.js function. Applications without this will not be considered. Also, as part of the interview, you'll be asked to work on a small frontend application and make it available on github for others to assess. It should not take more than a couple of hours for the right person but that said, please don't apply if you're not willing to do this.

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