Senior Linux System Administrator


Job Description

Sam Media operates a variety of websites, landing pages and jump sites that attract approximately 50 million unique visitors per month. We serve our content from a Linux based global server network containing approximately 20 servers.

The major domains that the IT Operations Team works on are configuration management, virtualization, database management, performance monitoring and business continuity. We are in the process of standardizing the infrastructure and automating a lot of the tasks that are currently done manually with the ultimate goal of having a robust operational environment that can handle pretty much anything that's being thrown at it.

As a Senior Linux System Administrator you will be spending approximately 50% of your time on our standardization and automation activities and 50% on other operational activities. Specific areas you will be working on:

• Automation of configuration management using tools like puppet, setup scripts, etc
• Defining, evaluating and implementing business continuity policies and practices, for example back-ups, simulated failure drills, redundancy, etc
• Expanding the use of monitoring tools like Nagios or Zenoss.
• (Overseeing) regular maintenance activities to keep our operational environment fresh,clean and fast.

• Absolutely fanatical about Linux.
• Mature person. This is not a junior role!
• Virtualization expert, preferably KVM.
• Strong experience with configuration management, preferably Puppet
• Experience with scripting languages, preferably Perl or PHP
• Comfortable working with high traffic server environments
• Extremely familiar with (almost) all of the following: Apache, Postfix, iptables, MySQL,
DNS, VPN, intrusion detection and Linux security
• Familiar with SCRUM and agile development methodologies
• Strong communicator in the English language
• Team worker who thrives in an international and culturally diverse environment

Skills: linux, management, puppet, apache, agile, english