Senior Magento Specialist

Senior Magento Specialist


Job Description

We're a Conversion Rate Optimization agency that is looking for a senior Magento specialist and expert.

Some of the activities you may be required to help with are as follows:

1. Customizing the cart and checkout process for Magento installations.
We help clients to alter the standard (awkward) one-page checkout process that is typically default within Magento and make it much more user friendly following the specifications from our PSDs.


2. Providing your expertise when it comes to providing consulting advice in the area of Magento for some of our clients and internally within the team.

3. Integrating Magento installations with A/B testing tools.

4. Pushing changes to live Magento servers.

5. Setting up staging and development servers for Magento for clients.

6. Pulling reports from our client's Magento setups.