Senior Mobile Flex Developer(s)

Senior Mobile Flex Developer(s)


Job Description

** EDIT: I receive a lot of SPAM and people not even reading the job description, I *WILL* report you directly as SPAM when not following up on the job description below. Sorry to the people who actual do read this stuff **

Flex frontend developer is responsible to develop interactive applications deployed to touchscreen devices. Your work is to add new features, search for possible improvements of user experience and implement integration with backend REST webservices.

We develop a huge SaaS application that get's used by a large group of people on a day to day basis. Your tablet/phone device will be used by people every minute of the day in order to do their jobs. That's why it's really important that you care about the simplicity and easy of use that we are able to bring to these people.

You'll get to work on a thrillingly large platform with lots of great innovations. This is the reason you need good understanding of working around API's and ways to connect securely and efficiently to backend services.

We are an enthusiastic team, working on improving the user's experience in an unobtrusive way. We create touchscreen applications and deliver for a worldwide audience.

We expect:

- To be already familiar with senior level actionscript development.
- Have already worked in senior position for flex mobile development.
- Strong knowledge in Object Orientation Design/Programming (design patterns).
- Senior knowledge about Pure MVC.
- Have knowledge about iOS ecosystem and application distribution.
- Have knowledge about Android ecosystem and application distribution.
- Have hardware platforms available to you in our case that's Android/iOS tablets and Android/iOS phones.

We offer:

- To work with group of bright people working on cutting edge technologies.
- Work environment with possibility to develop yourself rapidly.
- Ability to work with innovative technologies.

** IMPORTANT ** before you respond.

We *really* care about the people we work with, we expect the same care from the people we work with. This means that we don't value *automatic* or *general* responses on oDesk. They will directly be marked as *SPAM* and not be read any further.

What we really want to hear is who you are. What your passions are, Where you want to improve your self. Where you want to be looking forward. What gets you out of bed each morning. What excites you about a product.

This way we will give you an amazing opportunity to become member of our team and together make a awesome journey creating software that people will care, love and more importantly trust.

Thank you and looking forward to get in touch with amazing group of developers, you.

Skills: design

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