Senior PHP Developer

Senior PHP Developer


Job Description

Our company is currently in the process of expanding the development team and we are looking for mature, serious A-Players to join.

The main focus of our team is the development of a new, large scale distributed backend system that can support the ongoing growth of our business (mobile internet services with double digit year-on-year growth).

Some of the technologies and tools that we are using to develop the new system:

- PHP (5.3) as the core development language
- Symfony 2 as the MVC framework of choice
- Cassandra as a large scale distribute NoSQL data store (we’re currently migrating away from MySQL)
- Agile development based around the Scrum and Kanban management methods.
- Git (we’re currently migrating away from SVN)
- The Phabricator family of tools for documentation, code reviews and Quality metrics

Skills: agile, mvc, management