RDP Server Admin

RDP Server Admin


Job Description

We are looking to hire the services of an ongoing server admin that can take care of our server administration.

We use windows based RDPs that are installed on VPS/Dedicated Servers.

We are looking for someone that can take over the management of our RDP needs so that each RDP has:

- Windows
- Google Chrome
- 7 users
- No Timeouts

We require someone that has very good availability and is ideally available on US times

The most important criteria is that you have Google Talk online and available 24/7. You must be always contactable by Google Talk (through your computer and phone or whatever).

If you wish to apply, you MUST do the following or your application will immediately be denied:

1) Address your cover letter as "Dear Paul"

2) Confirm that you use Google Talk as your primary communication

3) Confirm what time zone you are in and what hours (in US Pacific time) you are generally available.

If any of these 3 requests are not followed, your application will be denied.