Server Expert - Server Administration, Bulk Mail Server Setup, Move server or customers to new location, Server Support.

Server Expert - Server Administration, Bulk Mail Server Setup, Move server or customers to new location, Server Support.


Job Description

LAMP - cPanel, Firewall, Email, Virtual Servers, PHP3-5.

You must have at least 15 years of experience and over 1000 personal (not corporate) hours on oDesk with excellent ratings, have high marks on Server Admin oDesk tests and "must be 100% certain" that you can successfully accomplish these critical path tasks.

1. Bulk Mail Server Setup: We have been sending bulk email to a group of Industry members since the year 2000. With the increasing demands to restrict this activity we are finding that our delivery is more and more restricted to willing participants by ISP's and black lists.

We require an expert to assist us to set up new servers that are Canspam compliant and that will assist us to support our customer group unencumbered and to manage black / white listing issues through php software.

2. Server Management & Administration: Successful applicant must understand and maintain various versions of server software and deal with any outstanding legacy issues from startup in 1995. Current status - we are moving customers to a new virtual production server with latest LAMP from old legacy virtual production server. Partially completed.

3. Move all software to an alternate server system located in an appropriate location: Must have power generator backup and fiber access. Cannot disrupt existing clients. Failure and downtime is not an option. We have a class c certificate but are not sure if it can be moved at the moment.

4. Server Support: 24/7, at least 4 staff will be available at all times to provide immediate support to prevent or quickly resolve downtime. The techs must be highly skilled to immediately resolve any issues and must be accessible 24/7 by - Skype, Ping, Screen Share, Email, Phone. These techs must have immediate 24/7 access to support experts for critical assistance.

The first and essential step is to research existing systems for your complete understanding.

Your work must be without error and will progress without breaking or interrupting existing functioning systems. Planned outages are acceptable where customer notice and downtime can be arranged ahead of time and at slow periods.

If you do not meet or exceed all these requirements please do not apply.

Thank you for your interest.

Skills: email-support, management, research, administration

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