Set Appointments With Our Leads: Paid Per Hour Plus Per Appointment


Job Description

We need a company with excellent sales process for setting appointments.

We sell local marketing services and we are looking for a company or group that can help us set appointments with our leads and process.

We need a company that can:

Step 1) Send out emails to our leads
Step 2) Send out our personalized video presentations to our leads
"We have a team of marketers that create 3 minute personalized presentations in a video format and send them out to companies as a Lead In Strategy."

Step 3) Call the lead once the they have watched the 3 minute video presentation to set an appointment if they are interested.

"We have proprietary email tracking that will notify you when the lead opens the email"

Very easy system, we need excellent experienced marketers to help us scale the process.


STEP 1: Please send us a private message that you understand all three steps to setting the appointment

Step 2: Please indicate your expertise in setting sales appointments in your private message

Step 3: Give us an proximate per hour you would require for each marketer and bonus per appointment in your cover letter and private message.

We plan to run a 30 day beta test with you to help support your success.

This job is open immediately.


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