Set up PubSubHubBub on EC2 with Redis & Tornado

Set up PubSubHubBub on EC2 with Redis & Tornado


Job Description

We need a highly skilled Python developer to set up a PubSubHubBub on an EC2 micro-instance.

The PubSubHubBub must be as follows:

1. It must be built with the Python Tornado framework. (There are open-source PubSubHubBub projects on GitHub that uses the Tornado framework that can be helpful.)

2. Must utilize Redis for backend.

3. It must be extremely lightweight and efficient, never utilizing > 10% CPU, due to AWS micro instance limits. Should be compiled in C.

4. All code must be beautiful and well-commented.

How to apply:
Please submit a cover letter that includes Python projects that you have done in the past, involving Tornado, Redis, PubSubHubBub, EC2, crawling, or similiar.

Experience with PubSubHubBub, EC2 a big plus - with Tornado, Python a must.