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We have a well-known and well established health and environmental website that doesn't sell anything. We are setting up an e-commerce store. We need someone who has significant experience do this already and has done it before. This is what we are looking for someone to do.

1) We have made arrangements with many other websites to sell their products. We need to copy the pictures and descriptions of products that on other websites that have given us permission to do so and put them on to our website into our e-commerce store. We need to do this without compromising the picture quality.

2) I would assume that you would have to take approximately 1000 items from other websites. There will probably be about 40 different websites that we take items from.

3) For each item we need to take the picture, the title, all the descriptions and anything else that is needed to help sell the product.

4) We would also like to do anything we can do to maintain the look, feel, artwork etc. of the original website.

5) So for example if a website gives us permission to sell their seeds, we would like our website to look as close to the original website as possible. This means that when someone goes to our website and goes to the seed section it should look and feel as close as possible to the original seed website that we took the categories, products, and pictures from.

6) In other words we would like to have 50 different categories at least and when you click on any of the 50 different categories we would like it to look as close as possible to the original website that those products came from.

Please explain your previous experience doing this and what background, experience and knowledge you have been doing something of this scope.

Please explain in detail how you would complete this project, how long it would take, if you have done anything like this before etc.

I look forward to hearing from you. You must understand how to do all of this yourself as we do not have the technical know-how to help you. The website is written in Joomla!. This is an extremely involved, long and detailed project that requires large commitment of time and effort. Please make sure that you are completely qualified for this project before replying.

Thank you

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