Simple Android App from HTML Pages

Simple Android App from HTML Pages


Job Description

Based on an ebook on caffeine and coffee information, I need to have a simple Android app programmed that will contain a list with drinks or food and their caffeine content.
Included should also be a search function after the drinks and a calculator function to enter how much of a beverage has been drunk or grams of food and how much mg of caffeine that makes in the bloodstream.

I have already written the pages and clear sketches of how I want the app to look like, I just need a competent person to put this information over and turn it into a great and easy-to-use smartphone app.

Please tell me about your previous android apps already programmed. This app will be published under my own merchant account. I would like you to program the app with feedback from my side and then send me the .apk file so that I can put it online.


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