Simple Mobile + Desktop app

Simple Mobile + Desktop app


Job Description

I am looking for an app that would allow me to run a powerpoint presentation on my Nexus 7 tablet, and another powerpoint presentation on my Windows laptop (either the same or slightly different presentations, but both having the same number of pages)
The tablet should be the “controller”... in the sense that if I jump to page 5 of the presentation on my tablet, the presentation on my laptop should automatically also go to page 5. If the presentation on my tablet advances to the next page (by clicking, by hitting a key or even automatically after N seconds) the presentation on my laptop should also automatically sync to that same page.

(What would be even nicer would be a 3-way synchronization, with my Nexus S phone also... that is; The synchronization of the pages (still controlled by the tablet) would advance the respective pages of the copies of the presentation on both my phone and my laptop at the same time)

I’ve been browsing for a few hours but haven’t found an app that does this. My developer skills are junior and synchronizing thru WIFI or bluetooth are was over my capacity.

Anybody has any ideas on how I can do this? or can this be done real cheap?

Skills: wireless