Simple Restful Webservice on Amazon server

Simple Restful Webservice on Amazon server


Job Description

I want a simply webservice on Amazon server which communicates with Android/iPhone apps and sends JSON response.

I expect these features to be incuded. More details after hiring. Everything is negotiable.

1. Sign-in to maintain their profile
2. Create a new profile/account if they dont already have one
3. Create a new profile using gmail/facebook/yahoo
4. View and edit their profile
5. View other’s profiles
6. Change profile privacy settings
7. Upload a new profile photo, or delete an existing profile photo
8. Search for friends
9. Add friends
10. Edit / Delete friends
11. Invite friends using in-built messaging tool, and invite friends from Google, Facebook, and Linkedin networks
12. Log device model/make/version and date installed
13. Send simple text messages to the server(from the app) and receive on the client(from the server).
14. Easily store messages(manually) on the server to receive on the client when app is first launched.

Skills: json, servlets, web-services