Sitescout / online media buyer / Direct Response Marketing Expert Needed


Job Description

Sitescout / online media buyer / Direct Response Marketing Expert:

I am looking for a person who is experienced in online media buying and/or using the sitescout platform. Just as importantly I am looking for someone who has solid direct response marketing experience also.

Your role would involve testing, tracking, and continually improving banner campaigns to create higher CTR's and lower conversion costs.

You must be very diligent and detail-oriented when it comes to tracking clickthrough rates, cost per impression and cost per conversion to minimize cost and maximize ROI

Must have experience split testing creative ads and copy variations to improve CTR.

As mentioned above, if you have direct response marketing experience that would be hugely beneficial. You must have a good understanding of good Direct Response copywriting/design as you will be continuously testing, tracking and improving our ads to maximize conversions. You don't have to design the ads, but you will provide suggestions on what to test.

If you have solid experience with sitescout and/or online media buying and have solid direct marketing experience then I am very keen to work with you.

Please provide:

1) Your experience in tracking and optimizing banner ad campaigns (CTR, CPA, ROI)

2) What tools do you use or have access to? CPV Lab, Prosper, Conversion Prophet, etc . If you don't have access then we can provide these for you.

3) What is your experience in internet marketing/ Direct Response Marketing? Are you or have you been an affiliate marketer? Have you optimised banner campaigns? What kind of success have you had?

I look forward to working with you.



Skills: marketing, banner, design