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I need a skilled iOS developer for multiple projects. Looking for a LONG TERM relationship on many projects. The first one is described below:

I will need an iOS/iPhone app that will not be available to the public. It will only be used internally for a company. The app will be a communication tool for people within the company. Here are the specifics:

Ability to setup a "Client List" in the app.

Ability to setup a "Project List" in the app. Each Project will belong to a Client

Full calendar functionality
Schedule appointments
Send appointment information to other users
Email appointments via native iPhone email functionality
Notification feature to be utilized to notify of upcoming appointments
Appointments can be associated to a client or project

Internal messaging functionality
In Box
Sent Items
Deleted Items
Ability to live chat between 2 users

Ability to video chat between 2 users

Ability to take photographs
Photographs can be associated to Client or Project
GPS/Check In Functionality
Users will have the ability to 'Check In' using their GPS location. Their check in location can be associated to a Client or Project

Following functionality
Users will have ability to "Follow" either Clients or Projects.
When any changes/updates are made to a "Followed" item, user will receive a notification

User Setup/Access Settings
Application will support Administrative users (which can only be created by other administrative users)
All other users created will need to have access level defined. Access definitions will primarily consist of "View Only" or "View & Edit" access to all major areas of the application.

All images and design will be provided by us.

Please estimate hours for the project. I CANNOT consider you for this project or future projects if you don't estimate the number of hours / cost for this project. I already have 3 other projects I need quotes on. The right candidate will be a long term partner for me.

Thank you,

Skills: video, gps, design

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