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I am looking to redesign the screens (page_1, and page_2) in the attachement to match the color scheme of the file labeled colorscheme.jpg (mainly rend, gray, white)
Except that I want them to be in the style of look1 & look2 ( meaning some backgound image, with some tranparency and translucent panes...

This is something I need to get done this weekend, therefore if you are they type who do not work on weekends, please ignore this project.

I am looking to have just 2 or 3 pages done. Obviously we would have start with just one and see how that goes.

To be considered for this project, make sure the first word of your reply is GR73 and make sure you let me know how many odesk hours you estimate you need to produce one mockup.
Only send me one or two samples of your work, it is pointless to show me your entire portfolio.

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