Sly Dial Bulk Phone Number Recorded Message Program/System


Job Description

I am looking to hire someone to create a program (either desktop or web-based) that will allow me to directly leave recorded voicemails to a bulk phone list without the phone ringing.

Currently, the only software I'm aware of allows you to leave a voicemail without ringing the phone is call Sly Dial. (

I'd like to use this feature, but be able to leave a pre-recorded message on the voicemail.

Also, I'd like to be able to quickly leave a number of phone numbers we have compiled on an excel spreadsheet, rather than calling each number one by one like sly dial currently requires.

If you think you can accomplish this task, please start by messaging me with rough ideas for how you'll be able to accomplish or we could just start a quick dialogue.

I want to get this going ASAP, so please be quick in your response.

Skills: systems-programming