Small design upgrade for my website

Small design upgrade for my website


Job Description

I need the following task to complete this job:

1) I need a watermark as a background body for my website. It is to tell the users we sell books. The background must be light. I hate heavy objects.In case you use text, it must be in spanish language.


2) I need an image decoration simliar to amazon's look-inside. This is to tell the users the book has a preview. It should appear upper and close to the image of the book in the grid and clickable. This image should appear too in the detail page of the book, upper the image of the book and clickable. It needs css and the image of course.


3) The same as above but an image to show we have the trailler for a movie. It must be in the two pages too. The repeater and the details page.

I just pay for work done. The applicant should know design and css to complete this tasks.

I will complete de development to show the image when it is available the look inside.

Thank you,

Carlos Mendez Comas

Skills: design