Social Media & Email Marketing Manager


Job Description

We are seeking a social media & Email marketing manager who has experience in running successful social media & email marketing campaigns.
ONLY experts who have strong knowledge and experience will be considered.
Any generic applications will also definitely be declined.
This position will start as part time and possibility of fulltime in near future.

Candidates must:
• Have strong knowledge & experience on following platform: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram & Mailchimp
• Have excellent experience & knowledge on content creation strategy, implementation & management. It’s important to create a synergy between our website & its corresponding social media profiles as well as increase followers & engagement
• Have strong knowledge & experience on graphic design & video creation/editing. This position requires you to setup/design a professional look for social media accounts.
• Have strong knowledge & experience in design and create HTML email newsletter templates consistent with our branding that can be easily updated. We will be using Mailchimp, so you have to be an expert on using mailchimp. You will be required to administer and report on all email marketing activities
• Outline a plan/approach to your strategy & campaigns schedules for each platforms, analyse results and suggest ways to improve
• Have excellent command of English language and able to write engaging post/articles
• Be contactable during Melbourne working hours (GMT+10) Mon- Sat 9am-5pm either by Skype or email. There may be time when we need to have video conference meeting
• Be able or willing to learn to use Project management software
• Be willing to take up other tasks when required
• Be able to work in the weekend and after hours when required, especially when project is due. It’s crucial that projects are completed on time

To be considered, you have to:
1. Provide CV with 3 work references
2. Be available for 1 hour+ video interview
3. prove your best social media as well as email marketing strategy that you implemented. Please also tell us what you have manage to accomplish from it
4. prove your best Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube setup & design
5. prove your best email marketing example and results you achieved
6. prove your best Video marketing creation
7. write a text “Biscuit” at the beginning of your application
8. send me a sample on how you would handle the following situation.

A not-for-profit institution is running a donation campaign at Facebook for poor village that in need to feed its people. The collected donation will be used to buy a dozen of piglet so that the villagers can breed them for food and income.
Some initial posts received from followers as below
“I would help them grow some crops or veggies, not support breeding beautiful piglets for slaughter later SHAME!”
“I get the idea... But - whoever is managing your social media--- shame.”
“That is haram money if he is a Muslim”
“Forget it - not contributing to animal cruelty - no matter what the cause is”
“So you would all much rather they live on hand-outs for the rest of their lives than to actually be able to support themselves and their families, and possibly build a source of income they may be able to pass on to their children?”

We are fun team and always supporting each other. We are also a company who always reward its good & performing team members.
If you would like to join us and feel that you will fit in our working team, please do not hesitate to contact us.
I am looking forward to hear from you.

Skills: marketing, facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, design, video, english, management

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