Social Media Expert for Small Real Estate Team

Social Media Expert for Small Real Estate Team


Job Description

Hey guys, we are a small local real estate team aiming to stay top of mind with our friends, past clients and potential prospects. What we are looking for is some one with Social Media Expertise. We are expecting the successful applicant to make 7 posts per week.

Our objective is to provide useful information to our friends and clients who maybe thinking of buying or selling real estate in the city of St. John's, NL Canada

Here are some example topics of posts we need:

Photos and Video's - Just Sold, Just Listed on
Local real estate content in St. John's, NL Canada
Interesting Real estate Photos and articles (Buying and Selling tips)
Blog Articles on
Company Banner Promotions on

We expect the applicant to use our Facebook account as the channel to project our content. Account information will be provided. We would prefer applicants who have a good understanding of real estate marketing.