Social Media Follower's Expert


Job Description

I'm looking for an expert in twitter and faithful followers.
I have a product that it is tailored for a specific target people and I want to reach that target market by letting them know about the product in order to generate some or the maximum leads as possible.

So I'm interested in knowing if you are an expert in twitter or any other way of connecting people.
How many followers do you have?
What is the subject(s) of your twitter or other social interaction?
What sort of targeting people are you reaching?
Does your followers "listen" to you and to your advices?
Can you release a simple campaign with them?
What other ways do you have to connect with people and get people following you?

Tell me as much as you can about how effective you are with your campaigns and your posts and announcements.

Tell me how can you help me to spread the word about my product effectively.

Thank you

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