Social Media Marketing Expert


Job Description

We are looking for a very talented individual with extensive exp on social media marketing & Seo techniques to boost traffic & sales for our website.

Our Website is about to launch & we want to start this job asap.

A very Talented & Experienced person is required who can manage all end to end Social marketing.

Tasks involved
1. Social media marketing & promotion campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

2. Email Campaigns

3. SMS Campaigns

4. Adsense & Facebook Paid marketing

5. Increase Likes for our Facebook & twitter page.

6. Tie ups with coupon websites.

7. Increase Page rank

8. Increase Traffic.

9. Customer Support, Email & chat.

10. Maintain Blogs

11. Maintain a good online Reputation in search engines.

12. Content creation – writing social media posts, blog articles and material for social media channels

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