Social Media Marketing Operative for Automotive Websites


Job Description

We are looking for a social media marketing enthusiast to help us better engage our network of connections and manage daily activity online through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.

We have 2 websites - both in automotive niche. Ne is targeted at consumers snd the other is our franchise site. The strategic plan of SMM is already developed and we have started our efforts across some platforms; your job would be to do the operative work of maintaining, updating and monitoring our accounts and profiles so we can build a relationship with our target audience and engage them into a conversation on daily basis.

Note that we don’t need someone to just do some things on social media only because there is time allocated for it - we have had such person and are not happy with the results. It is not acceptable to have a FB page with thousands of fans and just 30 people talking about us. We are looking for a creative and smart person who knows how to engage the audience across the mentioned platforms.

We do not require quantity but quality! We do not need just any and many followers, our target is 50 to 100 new “followers” every month who are really interested in our product and company. We target high user engagement and interaction on regular and consistent basis throughout the social networks.

Please, apply for the job only if you are serious and looking for long term relationship. You need to cover all the requirements. Be prepared for a Skype interview prior to hiring.

To filter all automatic responses, please start your reply with the phrase: ”steam cleaning”. Also include the following in your cover letter:

1. Tell us in a few sentences why you are a good fit for this project and how can you help us build a strong relationship with our target market through social media.

2. Give us an example of 3 tactics you employ to increase engagement of the audience on a company FB page

3. Give us as example 3 FB pages you are particularly proud of - ONLY 3, the ones you are most proud of!!!

4. Give us an example of 3 tactics you employ to increase the friends and followers engagement on a company twitter profile

5. How much experience you have with social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Pinterest? What tactics you have employed there so far and for what purpose you've been using it?

6. Provided we are DetailXPerts, what would you recommend to do for improving our activities and presence on FB, Twitter, Pinterest ad StumbleUpon?

Please, when applying - make sure you cover all the requirements (including the tests required!) and include only the answers to the questions asked. Al cover letters which tell the story of your life with numerous links in it will be rejected and marked as spam.

Thank you for considering our job opening – looking forward to your candidacy.

Job Functions & Duties
1) Facebook related tasks - sending messages to fans, posting wall updates, checking replies, monitoring competitions, interacting with people and groups, etc
2) Twitter related tasks - monitoring replies, direct messages & mentions, monitoring of hashtags, creating and posting regular updates, etc.
3) building our profile on social bookmarking websites – find relevant news items and links, build a network, share information, interact with key people, etc.
4) Works closely with PM and other members of the Marketing Team to ensure timely completion of deliverables. Responsibilities include: meeting set goals and deadlines as determined by PM and management, making relevant recommendations to PM and management; and, communicating to the PM with efficiency and accuracy of any progress and/or delays.
5) Participate in review and company meetings concerning projects and programs.

Job Requirements
Core Skills:
1. Excellent English (verbal and written)
2. experienced in SMM
3. responsible and honest
4. organized and sensitive to deadlines;
5. initiative and creative – SMM is all about engagement;
6. capable of following instructions, keeping deadlines and submitting reports in timely manner
7. a team player
8. Passed test: U.S. English Basic Skills Test & Social Media Marketing Test

Additional Skills:
- Experience in SMM at least 1 year;
- interest and/ or experience in automotive niche and/or franchise niche is a serious advantage

FYI: workload will be ~10 hours per week and if all goes well and SMM yields results, workload can be increased in the long run.

Skills: marketing, facebook, twitter, pinterest, english, test

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