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With this project I am starting my own company. In 2013 I want to start several projects and after these project some other web development works will come up from me. (at least 2 more) I am even looking for partnerships so please, just apply if you are committed and you have the skills needed to make this project a success.

If you like life changing projects, introduce yourself with your skills and convince me! You will see I am a cool guy with a lot of ideas and complementary skills.

For this project we will tweak a shop theme from themeforest with these technologies and frameworks:
Wordpress or Drupal or Yii or similar + Woocommerce or similar + WP Multilingual or similar +Buddypress or WPMU or similar+ Rating plugins + Google Maps API + PHP + JS + CSS + Others.
The theme is this one: and as you can see has many things already in place. If we use something that is not wordpress we maybe can recycle some functions and others from it

We will create a company that will have the following pages and abilities:
1. User registration
1.a) Basic user – Easy and straightforward. Facebook registration have to be possible. At the end of the process they will ask them if they want to apply to be an artist uploading a product.
b) Artist user –If a proposal of a product is approved by us, they become artists having their own page. This will be done with WPMU.
2. Product proposals (Post creation interface! A form to upload the product
3. Portfolio – Profile page - The page created with WPMU.
4. Picture page with description, rankings and others.
5. Category pages: We will define the pictures on categories like: beach, mountain, portrait, etc.
6. Localization focus (a new level of categories besides the regular one) There will be several maps with customized icons to give the project a focus on space too.
6.1. Worldwide – This is going to be the landing page
6.2. Continent Pages. (I suggest new level of Categories)
6.3. Country pages. (I suggest new level of subcategories)
7. Pictures Ranking following two variables: Technique and Idea

I will pay for all the frameworks and plugins needed too.

If you are chosen to make the project happen, I will always be ready to talk with you and will give you an exhaustive mock up i already prepared.

You will see I am empathetic and have a lot of patience. You need to know I already lost 3 months with some guy on oDesk that said he had the skills and he did not do anything. Please, do not waste my time anymore as we are here to do business.

Lets make this a success together!


Skills: facebook

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