Social Network Visualization

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Hi there,

I have two subgraphs extracted from an author social network that I would like to visualize. In this author social network, each node is an author, and each edge is their collaboration. Edges are unweighted. A node can be either a black node, or a white node.

1. Input files

All 3 input files can be downloaded from:

== adjMatrix ==
The adjacency matrix of the entire graph. Each row:

authorID1 authorID2 {1,0}

where "1" indicates there is an edge between, "0" otherwise.

== subgraph1(2) ==
The set of nodes in each subgraph. Each row:

authorID authorName authorPaperNumber {true,false}

where "true" means this author is a black node, "false" otherwise.

Note that the two subgraphs have different author-color associations.

2. Goals
Visualize each subgraph, i.e., two visualizations in total. The visualization is expected to look similar to:

or Figure 3 and Figure 5 in

Some more specific requirements:
(1) Black nodes should be shown as black and white nodes as white.
(2) Choose the top-5 authors with highest PageRank in each subgraph, and show their names next to the nodes.
(3) The nodes should be positioned so that white nodes are interspersed with black nodes (most of the nodes are black), instead of cluttering all together.

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