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Job Description

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Are you the cutting edge, process-smoothing, and incredibly efficient Software Architect we have been looking for? The architects here do much more than make nice technical diagrams. We need people to get hands on: refactoring code, adding new features, getting new projects off the ground, re-working older projects to be even better, mentoring junior programmers, and spreading good development practices throughout the company. If you have the skills to do this, we need you to join our established, privately-held software company, one with a modern outlook on workplace culture and remote work.

As a Software Architect, you will spend your time on products/projects (internal and external) comprising our own portfolio of software and also consulting on clients' products. We work in totally cloud-based development and production environments and ensure that all parts of the build, product maintenance, tech stack migrations, automated testing, deployment, code coverage, and test development run smoothly. We have an abundance of home-grown tools and systems based on solid, open source technologies to make us one of the most efficient software maintenance and consulting companies in the world because we've automated so much of our work. For the manual tasks, we develop efficient processes to manage projects and to let our team members focus on areas in their expertise. And it's part of the Software Architect's job to find these manual tasks and devise ways to automate them.

This position requires 30+ hours of availability per week and pays $60/hour. In fact, this role is only open to those residing in the United States. We hire via eLance and oDesk which assess fees for payment processing (more or less 10%), and an additional 10% fee is paid hourly for W-2 processing, resulting in a net rate of $48/hour. As a member of our team, you have the convenience of working directly from your own home and at the same time, working with one of the best international teams of software engineers. We're extremely flexible with work schedules and you essentially set your own hours, but we do try to get people together to meet remotely to let our engineers collaborate effectively.

To succeed, you’ll need:

Java programming experience
Linux experience is required
Basic SQL
English - all candidates must be able to speak and write capably in English.
Video - candidates must be able to Skype video with clients and the team.

Useful skills: C, C++, Python, Javascript, .Net, SQL, Shell Scripting, Ruby

We are changing the way software is developed by establishing a first-of-its kind virtual, assembly-line for our engineering work. Our global business setting, with global team members and global blue-chip customers, provides a unique experience for our team members. If you want the flexibility to work from anywhere, the productivity to learn and grow, a workplace free of unnecessary bureaucracy, and the ability to innovate and break status quo, join us today!

How to join the team:

Our innovative approach to engineering extends to our hiring methods too. There are no interviews here where you’re asked about your greatest weakness and a time when you solved a hard problem. We have some standardized technical tests, a standardized and short Skype interview, and a three-day trial project similar to the work you would do if hired (and paid $1400 upon successful completion). If this evaluation goes well, we welcome you to the team with a full-time contract!

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