Software Development ** New to oDesk Welcome**


Job Description

Read All Requirements and the scope of the job before applying.

Become part of our highly skilled software development and designer team.

- Understand business needs
- Have the ability to implement the right strategy
- Minimum 2 years experience in development
- Applicants must submit a list of their qualifications in addition to at their most recent completed projects that can be verified.
- All applicants must be able to work US Mountain time Zone at least 30-40 hours a week and must be able to work between the hours of 6:00am to 7:00pm (GMT -6:00 & GMT -7:00) NO EXCEPTIONS
- Must have excellent English communication skills, Both Verbal and written. Almost all communication will be on Skype Calls.

We currently have two software programs for development.

The first software program is a web based program allowing a user to answer a selection questions then based upon the answers the user will receive a list of pre- mapped answers. Some answers may have links to outside sources. Information will be produces in a report format and will be saved for the User to access at a later date.

This has the opportunity to be a long term relationship, After the program is completed there will be ongoing enhancements and maintenance.

The second program is developing a web based program that will need to integrate Zoho CRM. Some of the development will include:

Development of
Modules| Fields (To include Map Dependency Fields) | Links| Layouts | Tab Groups | Search Layout | Related List | Web Tabs | Custom View Settings

Lowest Qualified bids will be interviewed first.

** How Low are You willing to Bid for a Long Term Client?**

We are open to discussing this being a Per Hour or Fixed Price Bid.

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