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We are a healthcare technology company based in the USA. We have been working on a Healthcare ERP product suite (SaaS model) that can empower healthcare enterprises such as group of medical practices (hospitals, physicians, clinics, etc). We have been working on this for over 3.5 years. There are several modules in the application suite and we put our heart and soul into this. The founder has over 22 years of experience in the healthcare and technology market in the USA and we feel that this would be a breakthrough technology. One of the differentiator is that our suite is an end-to-end and knowledge driven solution. Each of the modules is in different stages of completion. We would like to release our product suite during the first quarter of 2013. The parent company has been in business since 1991 and it has about 1,500 clients (active / inactive clients combined). Funding has been provided by the parent company and it would continue to do so in the near future. We are now looking for a software development partner who could help us complete/create certain modules and receive payment after we start generating revenues from the module. Here is what we are looking for in a prospective software development partner:

• Reputation, experience and financial strength to handle certain modules in the project.
• Work exclusively (with dedication and focus) on the assigned tasks and modules.
• Should sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
• Create highest quality of code and maintain excellent coding standards.
• Document, support and test the code.
• Billing should be calculated accurately and monthly (at the pre-agreed hourly rate).
• Payment terms:
o The software development partner will start receiving payment after we start generating revenue from the module.
o There will be simple interest (5% annual percentage rate) that will be calculated monthly based on the balance owed. The amount disbursed in any given month will not be more than 20% of the revenue generated from the module.
o There is a risk that the module would not generate any revenue and you would lose your investment.
• Experience in healthcare is a big plus.
• We are looking for expert skills in Android, PhoneGap, Java and PHP.

We need an advisor who could select and recruit the most qualified software development partners by working closely with us.

If you are interested in the above, please reply with your bid along with your experience in software development area. This is a fixed bid project only. Please read it twice prior to responding.

Thank you for your time.

Skills: test, billing

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